Material: Polyethylene mod. (HDPE-mod.)
Mechanical strength (PN-EN 61386-24): 750N
Impact resistance (PN-EN 61386-24): Normal [N]
Resistance to bending: pliable




Double wall corrugated conduit is designed for underground electric installations. It is particularly recommended for telecommunication, electrical network systems, street and traffic light connections.
Specially designed construction and two layers of polyethylene (corrugated outer and smooth inner) increase the resistance and allow to use the RKD pipe in places where there is a risk of mechanical damages. Inner smooth surface enables to put cables in long sections.
The product is available in coils and 6m lengths, red, blue and black colours.
All of the products in coils and a section 6 meters long contain specially designed muffs MKD. These connectors are made of black HDPE material. They provide fast and durable pipes connection. The use of specially designed gasket and seals ensures protection of the system from getting inside water, sand or other undesirable substances.
During the production all of the produced coils and a section 6 meters long are closed on both sides with specially designed end cap ZKD. The end caps prevent the pipes from getting inside undesirable substances from the moment of production to final underground installation.
The end caps, seals and muffs are also available separately for sale.

Characteristics of material:
Flammable, negligible gas and vapour permeability within a wide temperature range, soft, high elasticity and impact resistance, minimal deformability under strain, highly resistant to pressure and most chemical compounds.

Available accesories:

Standard diameters

Nominal diameter
DN (mm)
Inside diameter (mm)Outside diameter (mm)Coil length (m)Package of 6 m bars
504050,550120 pcs / 720 m
635263,25084 pcs / 504 m
756176,25050 pcs / 300 m
9075905050 pcs / 300 m
11093110,75054 pcs / 324 m
1601361612524 pcs / 144 m
200176201,52523 pcs / 138 m


SymbolQuantity in box
SymbolQuantity in box
MKD 5075ZKD 5050
MKD 6350ZKD 6350
MKD 7535ZKD 7550
MKD 9048ZKD 9050
MKD 11030ZKD 11050
MKD 16025ZKD 16050
MKD 20014ZKD 20050


Resealable corrugated conduit



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